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SEPS: Screen Print Separations

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What are Screen Printing Separations?
Screen printing separations, also known as SEPS, is a process of breaking up artwork into different colors. This allows for each color to be printed on its own screen and then layered together to create the desired design. This process has been around for decades and is still used in the apparel printing industry today. Let’s break down what screen printing separations are, how they work, and why you should save time and purchase them here.

How it Works
Screen printing separations start with a digital file of the artwork that needs to be separated. The file is then split into individual layers which represent each of the colors in the artwork. The individual files are then converted into solid black including halftones through our RIP software. Finally, each of these layers/colors are printed on their own film and now ready for exposing on screens!

We Offer SEPS Services
Game Over Merch offers SEP services for other printers in our industry who may not have access to the necessary software or equipment needed to separate and print their own films, or simply are too busy to waste time on these fine details. We provide quality work with fast turnaround times so that you can get back to producing great prints without worry. We offer SEPS so that other printers don’t have to worry about investing in expensive equipment or spending hours creating separations themselves – we do it all for them! If you’re looking for reliable separation services with quick turnaround times, look no further than our shop!

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