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DTG: Direct to Garment

Quick Highlights
  • 24 Piece Minimum Order
  • 100% Cotton, 50/50s, Triblends, & Sweats!
  • Pre-Production Sample: $50
  • Consistent Quality for Repeat Orders

The Polaris DTG: Out Of This World Next Generation Digital Technology

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) technology has come a long way and the machines that we use now are incredibly enhanced and versatile, capable of printing on a wide range of garments, including 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, tri-blends, and even sweatshirt fabrics. Not only does DTG exhibit rich colors, but it also offers a soft finish, ensuring consistent, top-tier quality across all t-shirt runs.

What is Direct to Garment (DTG)?

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing is revolutionizing the apparel industry, offering unparalleled quality and versatility. This advanced technology allows for high-resolution, full-color prints directly on a wide range of fabrics, including 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, tri-blends, and sweatshirts. By harnessing the capabilities of DTG printing, businesses can offer customers bespoke, high-quality apparel that captures the vibrancy and detail of their designs.

DTG printing is distinguished by its ability to produce intricate, multicolored designs with a soft finish, enhancing the overall feel and look of the garment. Unlike traditional screen printing, which can be limiting in terms of color usage and design complexity, DTG printing offers virtually limitless color options and intricate detailing. This makes it the ideal choice for custom orders, small batch production, and designs featuring high-resolution imagery or intricate detailing.

Moreover, DTG technology is environmentally friendly. It uses water-based inks, which are not only gentle on the environment but also create a soft-to-the-touch feel on the printed garment. The process also has a smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional printing methods as it reduces waste and energy consumption.

Overall, the advent of DTG technology signifies a new era in the garment printing industry, one that prioritizes versatility, quality, and environmental sustainability. With its ability to maintain consistent quality across all types of fabrics and designs, DTG printing is a game-changer for businesses and consumers alike, offering endless possibilities for creativity and customization.

Here’s what our DTG T Shirt printing process looks like:

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