Bic Maxi Lighters

Grow your company with these high quality lighters, branded with your logo up to 4 spot colors.
BIC® Maxi Lighters last up to 3000 lights. That means your business is advertised up to 3000 times with a single lighter, for less than a penny per impression. Comfortable to hold and use, and available in 8 colors.

There is a safety warning label affixed to the back of each lighter.
  • 10 Business Days PRODUCTION TIME
  • 5 Business Days SHIP TIME
  • No setup fee or hidden ship charges
  • Digital mockup provided for your approval before production

Available lighter colors: Black, White, Blue 287C, Green 375C, Red 186C, Orange 1585C, Light Blue 2985C, Yellow C

Available imprint colors: 114, 116, 172, 186, 202, 205, 208, 211, 281, 293, 316, 327, 341, 355, 424, 872, 877, 1345, 1545, 2587

Imprint Size: 2" x 0.75"


*IMPORTANT: *This product may be considered as marijuana paraphernalia and/or contain CBD which may not be legal to sell in your jurisdiction or the jurisdiction where you are shipping it. Please consult your state law, the state law to which you are shipping the product to, as well as federal law to ensure your sale of the product is legal.*