Printers, Not Graphic Designers

Game Over Merch specializes in providing high-quality printing services that include screen print, embroidery, and digital printing. While we excel in the printing process, we do not offer graphic design services, meaning we are your go-to printer, but not your graphic designer. For any graphic design needs, clients should seek the expertise of a professional graphic designer before coming to us for their printing requirements.

Vector Art Services (offered by Game Over Merch)

  1. Focus: Game Over Merch’s vector art services primarily deal with tracing and converting a customer’s existing artwork into print-worthy vector graphics. These images are created using mathematical equations and geometric shapes, allowing them to be scaled infinitely without losing quality or resolution.
  2. Purpose: The main goal of Game Over Merch’s vector art services is to prepare a client’s artwork for printing by ensuring it is in the appropriate vector format. This ensures high-quality printing results, regardless of the size or medium in which the artwork will be reproduced.
  3. Software: Game Over Merch uses specialized vector software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or Inkscape to provide professional vector art services.

Graphic Design Services (not offered by Game Over Merch)

  1. Focus: Graphic design services involve creating fresh content and ideas, utilizing illustration skills to develop visual communication materials like logos, brochures, posters, websites, and social media content, among others.
  2. Versatility: Graphic designers need to be versatile, as they work with different types of media and design elements, including typography, color, images, and layout. They must understand the principles of design and be able to apply them to various projects to effectively communicate a message or concept.
  3. Software: Graphic designers use a wider range of software tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as other design and layout programs. They need to be proficient in using these tools to create and edit both vector and raster graphics and to design and lay out various types of content.

Game Over Merch offers vector art services to trace and convert a customer’s artwork into print-ready vector graphics. However, we do not offer graphic design services, which involve creating fresh content and ideas using various design elements and tools. Clients in need of graphic design services should source them elsewhere before approaching Game Over Merch for their printing needs.

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